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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Subject:.....back from the dead!!!!
Time:8:31 pm.
Mood: nostalgic.
 Run for your lives!! It must be some zombie-ish version of Christine's livejournal!! 

Ha-ha...but really, it's almost been a full two years!! What the eff have I been up to, huh? 
I was reading old entries...and mostly I came on livejournal to avoid writing papers and doing schoolwork or whatnot.  What am I doing now? Avoiding typing up an appeal for a parking ticket I got in Boston.  Obviously the true essence of Christine hasn't changed.  I guess that's a good thing...hahah.  

So yeah, back to the ticket...I got a $40 ticket for having an expired inspection sticker! Since when do meter maids have the authority to do that?! And secondly I got it on the 7th of the month.  Seven days....really? You're gonna be that much of a bastard?? I bet you still live with your mom...

Hmm...how can I possibly update you on a full two years of my life as brief as possible? I like lists.  Let's go with that:
*I have a better than dec' job working for the state.  I schedule interpreters for court appearances.  Needless to say I got over my fear of talking on the phone to people with accents.  Remember when I wouldn't call for a pizza?? Haha...
*My friends are getting married!! That's a tell tale sign that I'm getting old.  That, and when I went to see RANCID a couple weeks ago...I stayed in the old people section. (I was so ready to head onto the floor if they played "She's Automatic"...but sadly, they didn't.)
*I have two pups...not so little anymore.  But they're my babies.
*Oh yeah! My job is in Boston...which is kick ass.  Except on Friday when I was pretty sure the little girl sitting next to me on the T peed her pants. Hahaha.  That was one of a long list of things that happened that day too.
*Still with Matt.  We just moved my dresser into the spare bedroom today (for a number of reasons) but now he's convinced I'm going to break up with him since most of my stuff is in the other room as it is.  Haha it was his idea...stupid boy.   Don't suggest something and then freak out about it....
*The condo is more stress than anything I've ever dealt with in my life...there are days where I honestly weigh the pros and cons. 

Anyone who reads this knows all that ish....sooo yeah I'm ending it here.  Over and out yo.

PS. the next installment won't be in another two years. I promise!
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Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Time:11:39 pm.
Condo Closing: Friday @ 1:30

That's all I have to say......

well that, and I'm SO freaking excited!!!!!!
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Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Time:7:54 pm.
Is it strange that I love the way rain hits a newly paved road?  It's actually really pretty because there are no bumps or potholes for it to puddle up in, and it just makes the black pavement shine....almost like black glass.  Of course, you'd have to catch it before the lines were painted, so it was completely black.  And probably nighttime would be prime, so your headlights would reflect off the water on the road.   That's when I noticed it anyway.  

But aside from that thought, that now that I'm reading it--sounds like something you'd hear someone say when they're high (just add "man" after every fifth word or so), I've got nothing.    
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Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Time:1:06 pm.
Mood: real happy maybe?.



ps. the guy has decided to rent the top condo....so who wants to share a big house/yard with me?!?  oh yeah, and with matt and mike too....and george.

pps. i am printing out 34 pages of house inspectors right now, on what is practically cardboard paper--i think i'm killing about 27 redwood trees.

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Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Time:12:57 pm.

I won a pair of roller skates on e-bay last night!!  Which totally means that I am going to be able to pull off my halloween costume for Michele's par-tay.  I got assigned the 70s (so I'm going as a roller diva, picture: skates, knee high socks, shorts and an afro wig) It's going to be great.  Aaaand I'm bringing my video camera because alcohol, roller skates, and a split level house = hilarious fun....mostly at my expense-but it's worth it.   Bumps and bruises are welcome, let's just hope I don't actually break a limb.  

PS. This is completely unrelated but I love the new skittles commercial with the singing rabbit. 

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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Time:8:12 pm.

My life recently has been little bursts of excitement surrounded by complete bullshit.  Excitement because I am trying and trying and trying to purchase a townhouse in Kingston.  Bullshit because living with my mom is miserable.  I'm actually considering living in a hotel until I get my own place again.  I won't get into in because I get the sneaking suspicion that she is reading over my shoulder.  Yeah...it's that awesome here.  

But my new job is okay.  Extreeeemely busy....so I don't even get a second to consider how boring it really is.  And yesterday I got a little nameplate for my cubicle.  There's a wicked funny gay guy who works in services (and I think he should become my friend) but he was all gay and "yaay, you're official now!"  haha it was a nice moment.  

Aaand for the most part everyone else is pretty cool.  There's a lawyer who likes to laugh at me...the bad kind of laugh....like when I try to go out of my way to do something nice or to make something easier for her aaand I mess it up somehow. she looooves it.   but i have a feeling that she's going to be one of those people that is always going to be pushing me, and as much as i hate her...i'll be thankful eventually.  that's what i'm going to tell myself anyway.

oh and i'm hoping to see snakes on a plane tonight.  oooor i might just go to bed....cause i'm an old lady now.   tough decision. 

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Monday, August 7th, 2006

Time:7:38 pm.

no one has posted about this yet.....but kim's party was freaking hilarious....out of control....and one of the best parties everrrr. 

there. i said it. 

ps. i want pictures people!!

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Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

Subject:RIP Baby
Time:12:41 pm.
Mood: drained.
Last night was not fun. In fact, today is still not fun. 

Anyway, last night I was getting ready for the gym....and I heard funny noises coming from the Rat's cage.  At first I thought he was dreaming and making noises in his sleep, but when I went over to check him out, he was awake and it looked like he was having trouble breathing.  (I would know....being a professional weezer and all.) So I sat down next to his cage and pet him for a while and told him it would be okay.  I thought it was too hot for him or something so I went to put a water bottle in the freezer for him.  Minutes later he flopped over to his favorite corner of his cage........and he died.  It was quite traumatizing to watch because I didn't know how to help him. 

So I called Matt in Allston, this time in tears. (I had actually called him earlier to let him know about the breathing thing....cause I'm a freak like that).  And I just sat next to the cage talking to "The Matt" for a half hour until the big Matt got home.  

I won't bore you with anymore of the details.  But I think all of you know he was more than just a rat. 
I admit that I was a little skeptical when Matt told me he was going to buy one. I didn't expect very much.
But "The Matt" had more personality than some dogs even....and he will definitely be missed.  

I think that's what upsets me the most.....I know how much Matt is going to miss him.   He was his little buddy.  And they had a strange bond that sometimes even I didn't understand. 

Okay....well enough said.  I'm just getting upset again.  Sooo I'll leave it with this:

Look how tiny he is!!! He was super cute when we first bought him.....
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Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Time:1:09 pm.
Mood: content.
I died my hair last night...deeper red than usual. 
I was a little skeptical at first whether it was going to look okay....
Mainly because it looked just like the shower scene from Psycho when I was rinsing out my hair (if it were in color obviously....or the remake that i didn't see)
But I like it! 
Now I just need to get my hair cut.  
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Friday, July 14th, 2006

Time:9:44 pm.
so this is for them:

not the best quality video....but it's the only one i could find on youtube. 
the random walker texas ranger clips are one the many reasons i love conan....but this one is probably one of the best.  i think i watched it like five times and laughed just as hard every time. 

oh and michele...this is the video I was talking about the other day.  hilarious.
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Time:7:06 pm.
Mood: chipper.
I said that I would keep everyone updated....soooo here's an update on the whole job situation:  I have an interview at a law firm in Newton on Monday.  It's an actual legal assistant position ( none of this receptionist crap) in a real estate/mortgage firm.  Not exactly the type of law that would interest me (haha....at all) but at this point I'm not going to be picky.   The pay isn't that great either....but again, I'm not going to be picky, and the benefits are great.
Theeeen a week from Tuesday (the 25th) I have another interview at a law office in Kingston.   It's a administrative assistant/legal secretary position but I'm in the dark about everything else (the pay, benefits...etc. etc. )   If it pays better than Newton....I'm definitely taking it.   Because, oh wait....I do know something else--they deal with litigation, which is much more interesting AND in the long run pays much more with experience.   I'm  more comfortable with the area......and I really really want to buy a house down the street.  (Did she say she wants to buy a house again?!  I thought we went over this...)

Buuut yeah, the whole house situation is back to square one.  I know, I know....I need to make up my freaking mind.  I thought it would be smart to wait it out for a year or so.....but looking for a house to rent just became stressful and difficult.  It got to the point where we might even be waiting until Sept for a move in (how we would work that I still don't know....) and with that realization I thought that I should definitely have a job by then....especially with these interviews.....and I should just go ahead and BUY a house.  I have the money.....I want to.....I'd be able to get my puppy (well, maybe)....and we wouldn't have to worry about how much people can afford and whatnot because I can just have people pay me rent.  Like 450-500 bucks a bedroom including all utilities.  That's a good deal, right?
I wouldn't mind paying more than everyone else (because.....I should---it's my house, right?).  
I don't know....maybe I'm crazy....but I'm pretty sure I/we can make it work.   I would LOOOVE to own my own house!!!

PS. I went to the beach today and I think the salt is giving me a rash on my neck.....

PPS.   A gay man the other day on the way home from P-town asked me if guys always stared directly into my eyes...and when I said no, he called me a liar because apparently I have beautiful eyes.  Hahaha....when I told him people actually commented on how weird they are....he got right in my face and said "no, they're a nice amber color."   Good to know.  
But it wasn't just me....he told Michele she was cute.   And yes....he was most definitely gay.
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Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Time:9:28 pm.
Mood: cranky.
As if I didn't have enough on my plate with the job hunt....looking for a  new place to live....and driving down to Pembroke to take care of Caitlin, I went out to my car yesterday to find that someone had taken a body panel clean off of my door aaaaaand even better they tried to pry open my moonroof so now it won't shut all the way.  Awesomeeeee.  I was absolutely furious (yelling, crying....the works). I mean, I haven't even had this car for a whole month yet.  So now on top of everything I had to file a police report, an insurance claim---and I'm still jumping through all the hoops for my insurance company.   Blah.   I have to go see a claims adjustor on Saturday and I'm pissed that I'm probably going to be out 500 bucks--since that's my freaking deductible. 

How many times do I have to say that I can't wait to leave this place???
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Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Time:5:33 pm.


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Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Time:12:11 am.

Okay...so I've been slacking when it comes to updating this sucker.  That's a surprise considering that I STILL have no job.  Which actually brings me to my first point: Yes, I am still unemployed....but it's not like I'm sitting on my ass all day eating bon bons or whatever the hell those things are.   I think I've sent out over a dozen resumes this past month alone. There was a period where I didn't do much job hunting because I was at the hospital everyday for a week visiting Caitlin and being a good sister and such....but this past week I sent out a total of four, and I'm faxing out another tomorrow.  But I think I'm going to scream if another person asks me if I've heard back from anyone yet.  I get it every single day, and not just from people I see every once in a while....people I talk to every freaking day ask me!!!  So I'm just letting you all know that you don't need to worry about it....and you don't need to keep asking me as if I'm not being proactive enough.  I will let everyone know when I have an interview....or whether I get a job or whatever.  Please for the love of GODD (yeah i put two d's there) stop asking me.  Please and thank you.

Moving on.  Since I don't have a job yet...that's pretty much squashed all hopes for buying a house before our lease is up.  But I suppose that's not a big deal....Matt and I have decided that we're going to rent a house for a while instead.  We can work on our credit and save up more money.  It makes sense.  I'm just a little sad that I probably won't be able to buy my puppy anymore.   Boo to that.  Buuuut I've found three houses in the Bridgewater area (since Pennini and Erica will be to commuting to BSC and it's near rt 24 so Matt can drive to Dartmouth easier)  and I'm planning on calling them right after the holiday to set up a visit of some sort.  I'm really going to enjoy the $1500/4.  More money for meeeee.  

PS. Matt's breath smells like turd burgers.

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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

Time:7:58 pm.

I was so happy that it wasn't raining and windy and gross out today!!!  If it's like this tomorrow I may kidnap my sister and go to the beach.  Aaaaah the beach. I love it!

On another note...I gave Matt a late birthday present and bought him Guitar Hero yesterday.  It may just be the best game evaaaaaa. Haha.  Or maybe it's just me because I can't play real video games.  But I am most definitely addicted.  Aaaaand Kim's coming over to play tonight, which will be good cause I hardly ever see that girl anymore.

Oh and today at the gym my iPod somehow slipped off of where I placed it....fell on the treadmill....and went flying across the little room that is the gym at my apartment complex. My sister Kelly saw it happen and couldn't stop laughing. Thank GOD it still worked after that.

Aaaaand lastly... the Department of Correction sent me a letter that said they still accepted my resume and whatnot for the two jobs I applied for even though they were a couple days late.  That was good news because the job is pretty sweet...in addition to normal office crap it includes logging prisoners in and out when they go places...and calculating time for good behavior.  I've decided I'd much rather deal with prisoners on a daily basis than rich snotty people who can't access their money because it's been placed into a trust (which is the alternative job i've recently applied for).  I guess we'll just have to wait and see...  

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Saturday, June 10th, 2006

Time:1:12 am.
Mood: grateful that i'm not bleeding.

Soooo ummm it's definitely time to move.  The police just knocked on my door and asked me if everything was okay.  I was like "yeeeah...."  Then "Are you sure??" As they kind of look past me into the apartment.... "Yes." Mind you I am standing there in a white nightgown with Conan playing back in the living room.  "Okay, well we had a call that someone was cut and bleeding...but you're okay?" "Yes."  "Okay you can go, it must be someone else."

Excellent police work boys. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS PLACE??? When I came back I looked outside and there's two police cruisers...a fire truck...AND an ambulance outside my building.   So I'm guessing "cut and bleeding" translates into "there was a stabbing" or something.   awesooooome.  

PS. It's official that I am buying a house this summer.  I have the money...I'm just waiting until I get a job so the bank will approve me for some sort of a mortgage.  Very exciting.  Thus all my efforts have turned to finding said job.  I may be giving up on legal jobs....or perhaps just broadening my search to state jobs.  Department of Correction.....watch out!!  I'm sending my resume to threeeeee of your job postings. Aaaaaand they're in Bridgewater which is pretty sweet. 
I'll have to completely change the angle of my cover letter, but I guess I'll just leave that for tomorrow morning.  Fun fun stuff.  I know everyone's jealous.

PPS.  I am loooooving my new car.  It's nice to have my own wheels again.  

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Saturday, May 27th, 2006

Time:11:17 pm.
HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god....my sisters are spending the night at my apartment so they can drive me to my graduation tomorrow (matt's truck kinda died...but that's another story)  and they're attempting to play lord of the rings, return of the king (or whatever) video game....and it's freaking hysterical.   caitlin's yelling at kelly....kelly's yelling at the tv (i think she even called somone a fag, unless it was fat-but that would only make sense if she didn't finish her sentence)....and they're both yelling at the computer controlled troll character.   i have no idea why....but i am finding this way too entertaining.  aaaand that's pretty much all i have to say.

oh...and PS i'm graduating tomorrow!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Time:12:18 pm.
Mood: giddy.
ooooookay...so i lied because i am not going to elaborate on my crisis.  but no matter because it was school related, and as of right now:


...it has to be one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.  and finals became a lot less stressful once i realized that i only needed to get a 50-something to pass with a C.  (yeah that went for all my classes...it was pretty sweet)

i also went and picked up my cap and gown the other day. haha i get two of the same color tastle (sp?) because i am a dual major...which i guess would be neat if  i had two majors in different colleges (because they would be two different colors)--but i don't so it's a little silly.
oh and i'm scared to try on my cap...since i have a gigantic head, it may not fit me.   i mean, in high school they freaking measured my head--and then my cap STILL did not fit me right.  this time they just asked me how tall i was.....so i guess we'll just find out on sunday.

ps. i saw the FUNNIEST thing yesterday in Filene's.  i'm not sure if i can explain this as well as i can demostrate it...but i'm gonna give it a shot anyway.  this woman (for the sake of the story, i've named her Claudia), was shopping with her friend-who just as Claudia got onto the down escalator-must have pointed out some fabulous dinnerware on display. (before i go any further let me just tell you that Claudia was a woman probably in her fifties...and she was also relatively short.)  well, being the genius that she was...she decided that she was going to turn around and attempt to walk back up the escalator.  mind you...she was right there at the top, only on the very first step...but her little legs wouldn't give her the stride needed to reach the very top of the landing--and her little arms kept moving down with the movement of the railing.  i, of course couldn't help but laugh...but after two or three steps the woman started getting frantic--which of course only led me to run and hide and laugh hysterically on the floor.  then i laughed the entire ride home...only imagining her face when she realized she was an idiot for trying to leisurely walk up the escalator.  aaaaand i'm still laughing now.  i wonder what i would have done if i were her friend.  hahahaha "GIVE ME YOUR HAND!!"  
oh well...she eventually made it to the top, but i missed it because i was on the ground.  either way...i've awarded it the most hilarious thing i've seen this year.  the end.
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Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Time:2:24 pm.
i am in the middle of a crisis!!!!

i'll elaborate more later...
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Sunday, May 21st, 2006

Time:3:50 pm.
So all day today I've been doing research about the death penalty: how dna has changed a lot of perspectives, the exonerations of innocent defendants (and others that have been put to death), the herrara case, and possible reforms for the system. oh yeah....it's fun stuff.

it's all for my final paper--possibly THE final paper of my college career because neither my prof NOR one of my friends from class (that class i had missed in my last entry)has been able to e-mail me the last assignment. apparently people are too busy to check their e-mail (even once a week?) which means i could be royally fucked....and sadly i don't even care. blah.

but anyway...the only thing two things that have kept me focused today are
1)the fact that sunday tv sucks. sucks major monkey balls. shitty infomercials...and even worse movies.
2) caitlin was going to come over later-which meant i had to get stuff done as early as possible

now, not only is caitlin NOT coming over...but keeping the faith is on comedy central. i haven't seen it in 12791896 years...but if i remember correctly-it's pretty funny.

"So this is a rectory. That sounds like a bad word. Rectory!"
....is it a coincidence that rectory and rectum are so much alike??

Anyway...I'm going to continue watching this movie, and I might just get to my paper later. Only time will tell.

PS. Kim...remember how we were talking about the actor who lives in Kingston?? His name is Chris Cooper. And I went on IMDB today and not only has won an oscar...but he's been in a bajillion and two movies!! Look him up!
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